ij.start.canon - ij start canon setup

Download printer drivers from ij.start.canon and then install and set up Canon printer and scanner device. Whether you are a new or an old canon printer user, visit the official website to download the drivers. ij.start.canon offers online manuals and recommended functions to provide a better understanding. Here are a few simple steps to set up your new Canon printer.


A quick guide to Download ij.start.canon printer drivers

  1. Open a web browser on your laptop or PC.

  2. Tap the web address bar and type ij.start.canon. After that, press the Enter button on the keyboard.

  3. Click the Setup tab to proceed further.

  4. Enter your Canon printer model name in the search box. You can also select your Canon printer model name from the list by scrolling down.

  5. Select your operating system from the top-right side. After that, click Download to start the downloading process.

  6. You might need to tap the Save option based on the web browser.

Install Canon printer driver through ij.start.canon

Follow these steps to install the latest ij.start.canon printer drivers on your device without any error or issue:

  1. Locate the ij.start.canon driver file on your device.

  2. Run the file to initiate the installation process on the laptop or PC.

  3. Accept the software license and agreements to proceed further.

  4. Tap the Start Setup tab in the driver installation window.

  5. You will get a few connection methods on the screen.

  6. Select any one connection method and follow on-screen instructions.

  7. Select your Canon printer model name if the list of printers appears. After that, click the Exit option to complete the ij.start.canon installation process successfully.

Steps to Setup Wireless Connection on Canon Printer

  1. If your Canon printer has a Direct button, then press the Direct button.

  2. You can also select the Wi-Fi or WPS button.

  3. After that, click the Wireless LAN option from the printer’s display.

  4. Press the WPS button available on your Wireless router or hub.

  5. You will get Wi-Fi lights on your printer once it connects to your wireless network.

  6. Connect your laptop or PC with a similar network.

  7. Add your ij.start.canon printer to the list and send print commands.